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Premiums Swiss Beauty is the Middle East’s leading distributor and provider of Swiss-born skincare excellence.

TAL is the number 1 top shelves brands from Switzerland -  our concept encompasses the premium standard in face, hand and foot therapy. We bring the finest quality products and modern skincare  to the Middle Eastern consumer, as well as supporting the region’s most prestigious spas, beauty and wellness facilities and pharmacies.

Exclusively launched in 2019, we have grown from a start-up distribution company to a trusted brand guardian with diverse partnerships across the Middle East. Premiums Swiss Beauty takes pride in

developing and maintaining long-lasting relationships, with business partners and consumers alike.

We are committed to creating bespoke and tailored solutions to meet the requirements of our business partners; developing continuous consultancy programs, beauty training modules and

supporting key commercial insights for business growth, within the MENA region.

Focused on enhancing and optimizing the guest experience for our digital consumers, we have expanded the availability and accessibility of our product ranges through our online store. By

providing a clean and clear platform for online commerce, Premiums Swiss Beauty is taking the lead on improving customer satisfaction through their online journey.

At Premiums Swiss Beauty, we believe that taking good care of your skin is the key to successfully achieving, maintaining and preserving that ‘youthful glow’ we all long for.

Our mission is to bring advanced skincare solutions into your own home that are easy to use and take the guesswork out of your daily skincare regime. 

Offering products that combine only the best of what nature has to offer, with the ultimate in scientific advancement, we are passionate about giving you the opportunity to experience the most

effective, luxurious and revolutionary formulations, at the best possible price.

We also have a strong belief in every one of our products, ensuring that all products are certified cruelty-free. They are also time-tested, with proven clinical results, to help you reach your skin goals – and minimze the risk and impact of sensitivity and/or adverse reactions on the skin.

The perfect cosmetic is healthy-looking skin!


By providing and supporting a wide range of safe, modern and natural Swiss cosmetic products to suit all your skin needs, we strive to help you feel good, from the outside-in. Stocking and supporting skincare products that truly allow your healthiest skin, and your unique inner beauty, to shine through, Premiums Swiss Beauty is at the forefront of health and beauty in the Middle East.

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